Monday, June 11, 2012

Be Bold, Be Brave

Sometimes we need to make a bold decision.
Sometimes we need to take a high road.
We need to get out of comfort zone.
Because the most happiness you could have is a freedom to choose.

God do not give them without reasons.
God will not give us anything that we could not handle.
These ‘talents’ that we have, sometimes it takes the hard way
For us to believe it.

Therefore. Problems. Barriers. Obstacles.
They don’t act as cause. They act as proofs.

We must take a risk from something we believe in
Just to see, if we fly higher… we could enjoy more beautiful scenery
Although the risk is, the higher we fly, and we fell…then the deeper the wound is

We always have choices.
Which one is worth it? It’s your call.
Just be smart to pick the battle.

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