Monday, September 30, 2013


This feeling tonight is so familiar. The feeling brought me back to 2.5 years ago. Loneliness. I was so trapped within. My past was so destructive. It created sense of huge insecurity. Betrayal. I remember the pain caused by it. Up to now, I was struggling to trust. I am so fragile, inside. And yet, no one realised how depth it is. 

I feel I am not worth enough to keep. Dear god, I don't wanna have this feeling anymore. I'm hurt. I did move on. But why the scar reminds. No. There is no room for past love anymore. What I have now is feeling disgusting to that creature. 

I feel lonely. No one here to stay. No one here to call. Just to say that I'm the priority. Not the second things to do. I'd rather be quite. Keep it to my self. I live for me. I belong to me. My heart is my only possession 

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